Members of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee will travel to Tunis for consultations on Tunisia’s path towards political reforms and a return to institutional stability.

During the visit, from April 11-13, a high-level delegation of the European Parliament will meet the Tunisian president, representatives of the government, political parties, and civil society to discuss how the EU can continue to support Tunisia in the process of political reform and democratic consolidation.

This ad-hoc delegation will also provide the opportunity to discuss with relevant interlocutors if and how the European Parliament can support Tunisia in preparing for the planned elections at the end of 2022.

In addition, the delegation will pay special attention to the economic situation in Tunisia and on how the EU can best support Tunisian authorities in the implementation of economic reforms for the benefit of all Tunisians in light of the economic and food security crises, the global pandemic and the effects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Due to the suspension of the parliament, Tunisian authorities, and several parties loyal to the president had previously rejected a similar visit by European Parliament members to the country.

They viewed the visit as meddling in Tunisia’s internal affairs.

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